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Very last minute announcement but I will be tabling at Otakuthon this week!! (Aug 7~9)

Dealer’s booth #117 (not artist alley)

Going to be there with ame, eecks, & oresamakage! 

I’ll have 2 new zines releasing then! (Namamono & Casual Observer)
& also a group zine…

I will also have some new stickers, prints, originals, and felted heart and tooth pins! 

Hope to see you there~~! :)

Flying off to LA tomorrow!  butterfly in stomach!
Will be at AX this year! (July 2nd ~5th)

Exhibitor booth 421
(w. soundlesswind, kissai, lia, yooani)

Here is an inventory of what I will have! (And maybe some miscellaneous things depending on how heavy my luggage is…!)

First time attending a con in the US so very excited!
Come by and have a chat if you can! :)

Will be in the Anime North Dealer’s room this Friday & weekend, with ameru and eecks

☆Table R13☆

Will have prints, zines, masking tape, pins, pencil cases, and new card wallets!! :)
(Also some originals)

Hope to see you there!!!

Online store will be closed until after the event!

I’ll be at TCAF this weekend! Table 266 on the 2nd floor.
(Toronto Reference Library)

Will have new book and zine, as well as some cute things!!!!

Hope to see you there!!

Hi there!

Hope everyone is well! :)
Sorry for the long absence in posting!
College became a bit busy, so I could not upload here as much.
Though I did finish my Graphic Design program last week!
3 years really passed by quick! ^^

I'm hoping to start updating here again, and just getting used to how new the site looks!
Excited to be catching up with everyone's art!

:star:List of Materials
Updated materials list July 12, 2014!

:bulletgreen: Paper :bulletgreen:
*140lb Arches paper cold pressed
*90lb Saunders paper cold pressed
*140lb FLUID watercolour paper cold pressed
*Muse Cubi White Watson paper
*140lb cold pressed WINDSOR & NEWTON watercolour paper (Rough texture)

*W&N/ HOLBEIN watercolours
*Dr. Ph. Martin Synchromatic / Radiant liquid watercolour

*Dr. Ph. Martin Black Star Matte India ink
*Daler Rowney acrylic inks (Gold, silver, etc)

ESCODA / W&N series 7 brushes (Sable)

Speedball nibs
*The left one is a HUNT 513EF nib, and the one I use the most.

Globtrotter Travelogue
Great for mixed media

:bulletgreen:Masking Fluid:bulletgreen:
I don't use masking fluid.
I heard the W&N one is good.